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We purchased a used Class C from Poulsbo RV in Auburn. We took it back three times to have repairs done on it.

The most important was the door wouldn't stay closed. They kept on telling us that it was fixed.

Today we picked it up and drove on home. My husband pulled over suddenly, me following and the door had opened up, thinking it wasn't closed correctly we just went on our way.

Later we drove it again and had 2 teens with us sitting at the table. On a busy street the door flew open again.

It scared the heck out of all us; and needless to say how dangerous it was.

It looks like again they would rather have people very unhappy than to fix the problem. I would never buy anything from them again.

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The whole rv (all rv's) including the doors and latches flex and rattle as you go down the road, use your dead-bolt and that won't be a problem.

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