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Nice Sunday afternoon, husband and I went rv looking, actually went last weekend in Fife but it was the Seattle RV show, so not much luck. I said why don't we go to Poulsbo RV?

Ever get that WTF just happened feeling, like your in laws popping on your door step for the weekend? We walk in , a guy walks up from an office, we ask Do you have any front living units?, he says Yes we do, let me get a salesman for you, here comes Chris, btw, we are at the Auburn cattle yard..Chris sits us down at a desk, one of the many, my husband again says we are wanting to look at front living fifth wheel rv's, he says he needs to get some info..within 10 secs he produces a credit app in front of me, my husband says why do we have to fill out one of those to go look at your rv's? He says So You Don't See Something You Like And Get Your Hopes Up..I'm like ok, at least he's honest and got a brass set, but my husband who is still tired from work is getting upset..I only put him down, plus Chris is hurrying me up, we come to income..Gross monthly, my husband says what he makes..Chris says monthly, my husband repeats himself..My husband states what he does, Chris is confused but anyone else knows the occupation, and he states he would need pays stubs like he would have an issue, actually there was a few in the car, but we didn't get that far..Mr. Chris told me to put down a few thousand less!

Yes, I said less !

Now, Chris leaves the table, comes back to say he will email us a few pictures! My husband now says he will be in the car and very pist off, he walks out..I said to Chris , who did you go thru? He says his people, like he's running a country, didn't run anything..I said ***, Tacoma Rv ran it, I know what his CS is, and he was approved, but not enough for what he could of used, we wanted room, our granddaughter is coming, we are full timers with a trade in, WTH is the problem, and left. Had the down, had the score, maybe not for new but for sure used, had a trade in, definitely have the income, so what was it?

His Race? His eye color? His sweatpants?

Spent 5 minutes with him, literally, never walked his *** outside, never booted up the computer, never even asked what he's looking for, but by the stories I read, looks like we are lucky, and my aunt was going to trade her 1 year old Montana to them and buy a new one, I told her *** No, and anyone I meet..and told all the dealerships I walk into! I think their disdain for the public that walks in is more than skin deep!

Reason of review: Not even shown a rv.treated like shit!.

Preferred solution: Not a damn thing, my mouth will provide the karma!.

I didn't like: All services.

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The problem here is not so much your sales person, but the sales training module that Poulsbo is currently using. Many years ago, Poulsbo Sales staff were individuals, each one different in their approach, doing what worked for them, what felt comfortable to them in working through a sale.

In today's world, several dealerships, including Poulsbo, employ a sales module which requires a sales person to follow what can be a very uncomfortable process of qualifying everyone that walks in the door.

Your sales person was not that successful in applying it in your situation and it sounds as if he got lost in the process. In my opinion, Sales Training modules are not effective and result in exactly what happened to you.


If you are still in the market check RVTRADER on line for the trailer you are looking for. Then check the Better Business Bureau for that business to make sure they have good/reasonable reviews or are BBB accredited because if you have an issue the company will work with you.

If they don't that affects their grade.

You can write a review of your experience on the BBB site as well as YELP to help others stay away from a bad experience. Good luck, by the way you are lucky not to have gotten in bed with Poulsbo cause we all know what would have happened.

to Anonymous #1119231

Thank you very much! I will pick that up tomm..and we are very lucky, and I feel bad for everyone they screwed over..There is also another dealer I'm working with, who showed us And I will head over to BBB and Yelp..again ty.

to Sansis1124 #1119968

I'm not sure if you are aware that the NADA GUIDE exists online, but just in case you aren't. You can go there and plug in the trailer information and it will tell you the low and high price you should expect to pay. That way you know what the bank will use and you can also use that as a bargaining info to get a reasonable price for your purchase."" is the internet address.

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