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These are the typical clueless jockeys that "work" the summer months....The so called managers think their JUNK is priceless and your trade is worthless...It is unfortunate.They give the whole RV industry a bad image.None of them have ever spent one night in an RV.Go to Texas,Florida and other southern states that know how to use RVs,and actually do.It will be refeshing to run into your "salesman" in the camp site..You know the kind...What are you looking for? Do you own your trade in?

Do you have title?

What is your credit score?D you o your home?Oh No you need this My family camps all the time(LIE)..Stay as far away as you can! Never even call them!!!...POULSBO RV SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH CRIMES!

Product or Service Mentioned: Poulsbo Rv Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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